AO Scan Types

  • AO Comprehensive Scan –1-1/2 to 2 Hour Session
    • The AO Comprehensive Scan is used to review the overall health of all of your tissues and organs.
  • AO Meta-Therapy Scan – 45 Minute Session
    • Want to accelerate your healing at a faster rate?  Complete your initial AO Comprehensive Scan so we can determine the specific areas for focused therapy scans.  Then schedule your Meta-Therapy sessions to occur every other week.  After three months return for another AO Comprehensive Scan to determine your overall level of improvement and whether additional sessions may be needed.
  • AO Vitals Scan  30 Minute Session
    • The AO Vitals Scan is a non-invasive, no-blood-drawn blood scan.  Check your allergies (pollen’s and foods), amino acids, blood lipids, bacteria, parasites, hormone levels, basic physical, reproduction functions, bone & muscle condition, bone mineral density, cardiovascular, CBC, collagen index, digestive acids/enzymes, endocrine glands, eye health, fatty acids, fungus, gastrointestinal function, human toxins, immune system, inflammation/oxidation, insulin resistance, functions of the kidney, liver, gall bladder, thyroid and lungs, macro and micro minerals, heavy metals, molds, skin index, viruses, and vitamin and co-enzyme levels.  This is the most complete no-blood drawn blood-work assessment available for a fraction of the cost.
  • AO Remote Unit Appointments – 1-1/2 to 2 Hour Session 
    • Unable to come into the office for appointments?  Live too far from our office to do in-office appointments?  Or just want to avoid the metropolitan traffic?  Purchase a Remote Unit and schedule your appointment (any of the 3 listed above).  We will call you for your appointment and you will attend from the comfort of your own home, using your own computer.  Watch the entire test while we talk on the phone!
  • AO Hair, Saliva & Urine Appointments – 2 Hour Session
    • Unable to attend an appointment in person?  Is the appointment for a child who is 10 years old or less?  Is the appointment for a beloved pet?  Inquire about our Hair, Saliva & Urine kits.  Schedule an appointment and we will send you a kit for you to send in your samples.  We will test and correct just as though the individual was in our office.  Then we will call you for a consultation to review your results and provide further recommendations.
      • Pricing varies for:  Individuals more than 10 years of age – Children 10 and under – and PETS.
  • AO InnerVoice 45 Minute Session (coming July 2018)
    • InnerVoice technology uses Sound Harmonizing techniques, which generates a balancing audio frequency derived from your voice spectrum’s excesses, and weaknesses. In simple words: It provides all the frequencies you need and diminishes those that are in excess. It is like hearing the ‘mirror’ of your voice.  The InnerVoice program helps balance everyday life by improving concentration, creativity and emotional balance. This powerful tool allows your voice to be analyzed for 15 seconds to determine the emotional state that you are in and generates a custom audio tone to help stabilize your emotional imbalances.


All scans require an appointment.  

Call 970-291-9447 and speak with Sheila to schedule your appointment.